Visättra Ängar – March 2015

Lot of the work is completed  during march on Visättra Ängar, while the construction of B block of Solhöjden is nearly complete. But road construction “Visättra backe” is still not started.

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Road names are assigned in Huddinge Visättra Ängar II

Huddinge Municipality assigned the names of two roads passing through BoKlok Visättra Ängar and BoKlok Solhöjden. The main road which pass from all four Område is called “Småbruket backe”.  On the right side it connect with Karnängsvägen and on the left side it join with Mangårdsvägen.     The name “Småbrukets” came from old town map of 1947 which indicate… Read more →

Visättra Ängar – December 2014

In December all the BoKlok Visättra Änger apartments were build and assembled and for BoKlok Solhöjden the base of C block was also laid down.  But even there is lot of work t be done e.g. roads, parking space, balcony and patios are still to be started. BoKlok also send the invitation for “Upplåtelseavtal” lease agreement meeting for 3rd of… Read more →

Visättra Ängar – October 2014

Today i paid a visit to BoKlok Visättra Ängar to look at the construction progress. And i was very pleased to see that lot of ground work was already complete. All the underground cabling for apartment were laid and all the basses for apartment were complete too, plus the Storage rooms for Block/Hus D,E, F and G were also completed.… Read more →

BoKlok Solhöjden

BoKlok Solhöjden, Huddinge is the 2nd development carried out by the BoKlok in the vicinity of BoKlok Visättra Ängar. In the original bidding process by Huddinge municipality marked both of these development are branded as one area “Område 4”. BoKlok Solhöjden is a BoKlok Flex style flats and consists of 48 apartments on four floors. The Draw of apartments was… Read more →

Retro Gaming Console with Raspberry Pi – Memories of playing River Raid on Atari …

In a short amount of time Raspberry Pi archived a very high acceptation and recognition amongst the enthusiasts than any other device. Lunched in February 2012 and just cost between 25 and 35 US $. Raspberry Pi based on 700 MHz ARM processor and current version comes with 512 MB of memory. On the OS side many it support many… Read more →

Boklok Visättra Ängar – Construction site during August 2014

My visit to Visättra Ängar in early august, Skanska crew were there and certainly some work were been done, Temporary housing setup for construction workers were already build and heavy machinery were also present. It was easily recognizable that work is going on for preparing and leveling the land, instead of constriction at this stage.

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