Month: January 2009

Acer Aspire One – HDD mode

Welcome to Acer Aspire One Hdd modding post, AAO 110 comes with only 1.8” SSD ZIF connecter, to increase the storage space, either you can purchase high capacity SSD (they are quite expensive) or install 1.8” PATA drive as shown by tnkgrl. Although while searching i also found a 1.8” to 2.5” IDE connecter here. AAO 110 comes with a… Read more →

Acer Aspire One – WIFI n mode

Acer Aspire One 110 comes with mini PCI-e card Atheros wifi-g module, which is slightly bulky specially on linux environment. i personally never connected more than at 20 Mbps on Ubuntu 8.10. Wifi is a MUST TO UPDATE mode. At AAO forum, there are plenty of posts regardless improving the wifi but still i think its better to swap the… Read more →

Acer Aspire One

I brought my Aspire One AOA 110 – Ab a couple of months ago, and after x-max and new year,  i have plenty of time to do some experiments on my this quite little tiny netbook. Without any dought itwould be a perfect  netbook if Acer put a direct access to a RAM, so you have to dig a lot to… Read more →