Month: September 2009

Windows 7 Professional available at msdn academic alliance – for free

MSDN Academic Alliance is a Microsoft program available to academic organizations, which provide different Application Programs, OS and Development Tools for the participating insinuate for an annually subscription fee. Students can use these program for without any charges for non-commercial uses. and good news for those university student, whom university have academic alliance with the Microsoft academic alliance. Microsoft is… Read more →


Sony Ericsson Satio is coming to Sweden in October and you can preorder from at 6245 kr (850 US $). The Satio will be delivered to your doorsteps after 19 October. Until than i hope other stores will also start selling the device  with probably slightly less price. Most Attractive Feature: 12.1 megapixel is definitely the strong feature of… Read more →

Acer Aspire One – 1.8” IPod HDD Mod

AA1 110 comes with Intel 8 GB flash Disk,  which uses the ZIF IDE interface. It can simply be replaced by any 1.8” ZIF drive, most commonly used in IPOD classic and IPOD Video player. These drive can be expansive due to limited availability and use but can easily be found at IPod repair shops. I found 30 GB Toshiba… Read more →