Acer Aspire One – HDD mode

Welcome to Acer Aspire One Hdd modding post, AAO 110 comes with only 1.8” SSD ZIF connecter, to increase the storage space, either you can purchase high capacity SSD (they are quite expensive) or install 1.8” PATA drive as shown by tnkgrl. Although while searching i also found a 1.8” to 2.5” IDE connecter here. AAO 110 comes with a SATA controller but you need to attach a sata connecter to AAO motherboard by soldering.


DISCLAIMER: You need a fine precision soldering skills to perform this mode, i recommend use of temperature controlled  soldering station with 0.5 mm tip and flux, magnification is plus.  i will not be a responsible of any damage of any kind, so try this at your own risk.

Place tape or insulating material between the HDD and PCB for safety.


For Sata connecter we need a MOLEX 47018-2001 connecter, with MOLEX 47018-4001, the gap between the Hdd and motherboard will be greater and  cause some balance problems.

First fix the connecter to the PCB through double sided tape ( half part, which is slightly higher than the pins ),  and start soldering, you need to solder all the data pins (1-7) and for power terminal pins (4,5,6)ground and pins (7,8,9 )5v must be connected rest you can leave as well. see here for complete pin outs description. Also short the r364 (mark as small yellow box in picture) to get the power to sata connecter. After soldering it would look like this.sata_motherboard_pinouts

you can also place a double sided type under the HDD to make it more stable and fix.


last but not the least, insert HDD….


Now you have to cut  all the extra plastic screw holder on the base of your AAO to fit your Hdd. Now a bad news came, what ever you do, your AAO daughter board will not allow to fit HDD, see the picture…

AAO_daughterboard i found no way to solve this, as a result right side of the AAO cover will not be perfect fit, you can see a slight gap. i am still looking to find some other alternative to Molex connecter. other than that HDD recognized by the bios.

New Update:

I found a picture of AA0 150 motherboard, as you can see,it uses another connecter than Molex. any idea …



i try to install the Windows XP on AAO, but it was hell of a big problem, but i will keep it to another separate post.

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  1. René
    2009-02-11 at 17:40

    What kind of problems do you have installing windows xp on a aao? I installed it properly as a client in virtualbox – it works fine. Out of the box there is xp installed.



    • khandotazee
      2009-02-11 at 22:03

      oh my god, it was hell of a job, i try all usd stick and usb hdd methods to install it, but non of them works, i try u3 sticks and normal.some time it just could not boot and some times just begining or after a while of xp installation system restart…..
      and it was not due to hight system temperature, i just could not understand, but i install it through my external dvd, mean while i am compiling a full post on it, i was just little busy

  2. René
    2009-02-11 at 23:13

    Hi Khandotazee,

    did you try to make an ISO-copy of a Winows XP CD-Rom to an USB-Stick?

    dd if=CD-DRIVE of=DESTINATION.iso

    This ISO you can make as bootdrive in virtualbox.

    Without Virtualbox may be will help.



  3. 2manydjs
    2009-02-12 at 15:16

    Thanks for this step-for-step guide! I’m tempted to do the same. Have you managed to find a solution to the space problem? Maybe find another connector, similar to the Acer’s?

  4. khandotazee
    2009-02-13 at 00:15

    yes Rene i already tried that, i was successful to make the xp image on usb, but the problem remain same during xp installation, system just reset itself without any warning…. i am still figuring it out…let see where it goes, problem is that i just could not debug this prblem….? any idea about it

  5. khandotazee
    2009-02-13 at 00:18

    hi 2manydjs, ya i found the another connecter but not from acer they are from HP, and actually they are two connectors but problem is finding their parts-numbers, when i found them i will post them on the blog.. i will advise you wait for a while….

  6. René
    2009-02-13 at 08:56

    Hi Khandotazee,

    did you deactivate the D2D-option in the BIOS?



  7. René
    2009-02-13 at 09:01

    … and may be here is a good instruction to install XP.

    I have read, that you should use XP with SP3. With SP2 there are a lot of problems.

    Cheers and good luck!


  8. khandotazee
    2009-02-20 at 00:43

    Hi Rene, i was bit busy with my work, but i also try that one long ago and same problem again , it just shutdown, but i managed to get a external dvd drive and install the XP, i work fine first few hours then again my system start keeping shut down again, maximum 20 minutes i get at every session and again it just shutdown, at ( ) forum i found the similiar dicussion but with no true answer….
    i am getting fadup with aa1 now, unfortunately

  9. René
    2009-02-20 at 08:59

    Hi khandotazee,

    i believe your aa1 has a hardware-problem. May be you should change it to an other one… I use mine with different operatingsystems – without any trouble.



  10. 2009-08-16 at 16:01

    Bro… I’m running XP sp3 into my AAO 110 8gb ssd. so far i just install straight from usb cdrom. never happen any problem.

  11. rAndy
    2009-11-26 at 17:38


    found more pictures here:
    It does seem Molex part# 0474043000 (see drawing on molex website)

  12. alan
    2010-07-09 at 16:31

    Is the partnr of the original sata connector already known?
    The one in this pic:

    • khandotazee
      2010-07-10 at 17:56

      i am not sure of it, but most of hp laptop also cames with this connector

      • alan
        2010-07-12 at 17:05

        The molex parts mentioned earlier aren’t available, the closest I got is with the foxconn LD2722V-S099, it is exactly the same as in the pics, but the connector seems to high. Perhaps you can approximate if it is really too high.

        • khandotazee
          2010-07-14 at 01:18

          looking at datasheet, i think the connecter is of exact size, but i am not 100% sure as i do not own AA1 any longer, but if your connecter is slightly higher you can use any tape, perhaps double side tape or can place any non conductive plastic sheet (same length as hdd Length x Width). or anything u can find appropriate….

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