Acer Aspire One – WIFI n mode

Acer Aspire One 110 comes with mini PCI-e card Atheros wifi-g module, which is slightly bulky specially on linux environment. i personally never connected more than at 20 Mbps on Ubuntu 8.10. Wifi is a MUST TO UPDATE mode. At AAO forum, there are plenty of posts regardless improving the wifi but still i think its better to swap the module. Atheros g-module can be swapped by Broadcom or Intel mini PCI-e card.

For Broadcom module, point the browser to following post, or visit tnkgrl blog for her DIY HSDPA mode.  As  for Intel there is one interesting guide at AAO forum which utilize Intel 4965AGN card, but there are two concerns about this mode first its a MIMIO based WIFI-n module so you need MIMO based router to work with it, and secondary as being MIMO based you need to add additional antenna as well, to  overcome both these problems i uses the Intel WIFI Link 5100 module, its a simple swap with atheros card, both the antenna cables will be placed at the same places, black cable to Main and white cable to Aux.

For windows XP you need to install a drive while Ubuntu 8.10 will pick up the driver itself.

  2 comments for “Acer Aspire One – WIFI n mode

  1. Ryan
    2009-01-27 at 07:58

    i see an half size mini pci express card. you think that will fit okay. let me know. thanks

    • khandotazee
      2009-01-27 at 11:29

      yes, its a perfact fit, i am using it my self on my AAO, keep remember its a Mini PCI-Express card not Mini PCI, Mini PCI will not fit. you can use any other brand of mini pci-e module, just look for its driver first specially for linux.

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