Acer Aspire One

I brought my Aspire One AOA 110 – Ab a couple of months ago, and after x-max and new year,  i have plenty of time to do some experiments on my this quite little tiny netbook.

Without any dought itwould be a perfect  netbook if Acer put a direct access to a RAM, so you have to dig a lot to access it, and i am not going to show here, there are plenty of  videos and links so just point your browser to here, here and here.

I created a wish list for aspire one, what i should or can have it, my philosophy of modding is, does i need it? (functionality),  does i have it? (purchase parts or reuse), is it cheep? (cost).

Here is my list , and hopefully i will keep modding it step by step.

  1. Adding 1Gb additional RAM
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Touch screen (must have)
  4. GPS
  6. Draft n WIFI
  7. 3g Modem

let’s begin, and we already did our first mod, installing 1 Gb RAM, just click above links and you figure out easily but use only PC4200/533MHz, its compatible.  I bought Kingston SO-DIMM DDR2 PC4200/533MHz KVR533D2S4, its cheap and easy fix.

At next post i am going to add WIFI deaft n module…

Mode Cost Status

143 kr ≈ 20 US $

Touch screen


Hdd reuse, molex connectors

130 kr  ≈ 15 US $


210 kr ≈ 28 US $

3g Modem

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  1. 2009-01-28 at 16:46

    I’ve had the Aspire one netbook for a few weeks now and I am pleased with it. I only use it for fun, not work. I got the one with Windows XP, 1 meg ram and 160 meg HD. It was really frustrating getting the wireless connection worked out but don’t give up. It comes with way too much junk pre installed and pre starting. Dump McAfee and get Trend or one of the other less resource hungry protection. I could have bought a lap top this week with same HD, more Ram and Vista for the same money. If you need the small size, its great. If you’re used to Vista or speed, get a laptop. is a great resource for this item

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